About Our Company

Birds are one of the most fascinating types of animals especially fancy chicken and their different breeds. All of the breeds are not only popular in all areas and climate, they are also recommended breeds for beginner for some good reasons. As there are number of chicken breeds in the Pakistan, it is very significant to consider the chicken’s breeds you are going to choose. Some factors are important to consider in choosing chicken breeds for rural and urban area, along with the environment and the size of your backyard. If you are searching for the most common breeds of chicken that u can easily keep for business or hobby in your backyard so u can visit our website.

What We Do

www.chicksbazaar.pk is the first ever online platform in Pakistan for buying and selling pure breeds from trusted sellers from their respective areas. Chicksbazaar provides a vast online information about all popular and unpopular fancy chicken breeds. Additionally, there are lot of blogs about different chicken’s breed of common diseases and medication. Chicksbazaar not only gives a detail about what kinds of feed chickens eat but also provide a list of feeds that are commonly consumed by different chicken’s breed. You can also find a lot of valuable advices from experts that how to take care of your birds.

We are sure chicksbazaar will provide a much better experience regarding buying and selling. Chicksbazaar has fully responsive design, resize on the fly, load quickly, and the text is readable whether you are on a smartphone/tablet, or on a computer . www.chicksbazaar.pk offers a way to start and promote your business and generate income. Moreover, it will help you narrow down your selections for the different kinds of breeds which you want to keep for hobby or business.